Importers of minerals

19 Jan 2014

Mineral and mineral powder
IMPEXSTAN provides a big variety of Mineral sand and mineral powder grades and sizes:
Rutile sand, Ilmenite sand, Leucoxene, Zircon sand, Fluorspar, Mica, Barite, Pyrite, Chromite, Magnesite, Talc, Garnet sand, Calcined Bauxite, Kaolin, Olivine, Monazite, Tantalite.

A big variety of Mineral raw materials is available.
IMPEXSTAN has a 10 years experience in more than 50 countries in exporting and providing logistics services.
Different volumes of parties, big variety of particle sizes are available.
The production rate is determined by required properties of high purity materials, standard grade is also available.

Particle Size
The particle size range can be varied according to customer requirements. IMPEXSTAN provides the option of average particle size from 5 μm to granules and lumps. The width of distribution and quantity of particles can also be controlled.

The development of mineral raw materials requires knowledges and controlling of many physical and chemical material characteristics. IMPEXSTAN is using an extensive expertise in regular testing the quality of supplied materials for applications in producing of ceramics, welding, refractory, glass, chemicals, rubber, plastics, paints, foundry, metallurgy.


Contact Person: Anastasia Stepanisheva

S.Strutinskogo str. 8

01014 , Kiev, Ukraine

Tel: 380 44 501 66 38 , 38 068-366-84-23


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