22 Mar 2012

Stretch ceilings, PVC ...
Ceiling ... are made of special PVC (polyvinyl chloride). This special film has properties and characteristics that allow its use as the material for ceilings PVC. Therefore, stretch ceiling film which is made of PVC, sometimes called the film ceilings.

The main characteristics of the film, which can be used as a ceiling, is its environmental safety, durability and uniformity of color and structure of the material. Such properties have PVC film assembly that is used worldwide. The ceiling of this material is homogeneous, has a perfectly flat surface and a solid ceiling. It hides all the inequalities, power panels and distortions main ceiling of the room. However, you do not have to spend any additional preparatory work in the building and installation of such a ceiling would take several hours. The absence of any painting operations: cleaning the old ceilings, leveling plaster, putty and subsequent staining allows quick and easy even a suspended ceiling in living room.

Today, PVC film for stretch ceiling is manufactured in many countries. We present ceiling of European films (French and German works).


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Lviv, Ukraine

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