Centre Winterizing Homes

12 May 2014

Our company provides facade insulation and decoration solutions for many years, as well as the development and implementation of energy-saving materials. We have studied and summarized almost all world achievements in this area, have selected best technologies and know-how. We have spent vast amount of money and time for this researches. As a result, we have developed, perhaps, the most economical, reliable and rapid method of thermal insulation and cladding facades, which almost completely eliminates ""wet"" processes.
We offer innovative technology for facade insulation and decoration, which we have patented as «POLIFASAD».
""POLIFASAD"" technology is a universal system 3 in 1 for decoration, insulation and sound insulation of buildings. More details are available online at http://polifasad-ukraine.com.ua/.

Centre Winterizing Homes

ул. Волгоградская, 4

50069, Kgiviy Rig, Ukraine

Tel: +38(067) 5693613



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