Sosnoviy Bor

25 Jan 2011 — registered

Hotel "Sosnovy Bor" is located on the Western part of Ukraine in the Kremennaya pine woods known as the purl of Donbass for their pure fresh air, picturesque landscapes. It occupies more then 2 hectares territory, which is surrounded by the forest, lakes, hunting grounds.
There are three buildings.
One of them provides a wide range of services and entertainment such as:
- conference hall (40 places)
- sauna with rest room and Jacuzzi
- billiard.
On the ground floor of the other two-stored building there is a cafe for 28 sits with a little bar for gests and a rest room.
Both floors contain 25 comfortable one or two room apartments equipped with refrigerator, TV set with satellite receiver, conditioner.
One luxe three room apartment contains study, bedroom, living-room, bathroom and kitchen. Among appliances: microwave, washing machine, TV-set with satellite receiver and Internet.
The second building provides an accommodation for its gests in 6 comfortable rooms. Here is a small but cosy restroom.
The territory of the hotel is fence surrounded and it has two car parks (fence roof and open space), children's playground, numerous benches, cosy summerhouses and charcoals.

Sosnoviy Bor

Contact Person: Tanya

Ukraine, Lugansk Region, Sanatornaya, 21

92900, Kremennaya, Ukraine

Tel: +38 06454 31130, +38 066 4614646


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